7 Little Johnstons: A new Kitchen for the Johnstons!

Amber Johnston, “7 Little Johnstons” star, published a photo three days ago of her newly remodeled kitchen, captioned as follows:

“First off, thank you for all of the lovely comments. 2nd, let’s set something straight…Trent and I have never lowered counters in the past due to us raising our kids in an average size world! We still stand to that. Guys, our kids are grown!! I know, it happens quick. Remodeling this kitchen, Trent and I felt it was important for ME to not have to stand on stools to cook as much as possible. 2 back surgeries and I really don’t want a third! He doesn’t either, it puts me out of commission for a while😉. We lowered to cabinets to original bathroom counter height! This is our forever home…really this time! Again, thank y’all and hope to see you guys real soon!”

Johnstons followers expressed their support and joy in knowing that the kitchen would be better suited to the family. And most striking is that apparently Amber and Trend did much of the work – at one comment, Amber replied that everything had been done by her, her husband and a local carpenter.

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