Outdaughtered: Adam posts a photo kissing Danielle and fan is scathing – ‘I hope there is not another baby coming’

Adam Busby, star of “Outdaughtered”, is on vacation with his wife, Danielle, and they have posted many photos on Instagram. Two days ago, Adam shared a photograph of him kissing Danielle at sea, and a follower commented:

“Bloody hell, hope there is not another baby coming… .Enjoy your holiday.”

Most of their followers found this comment offensive, and soon there came a flood of complaints:

“What? They can do whatever they want. They support their children. Emotionally and financially in every way.How does/would it affect you if they had 10 babies?!”

“What a lack of good behaviour! If they want more (children), they do not have to ask anyone. In addition, Adam had a vasectomy when the girls were born. “

But there were also those who defended the comment, classifying as just “a joke”:

“Still weird you’d mention it on social media. Like the lady was serious… Get a life. I watch the show I’m just not obsessed with them.”

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