My Big Fat Fabulous Life: To Whitney Thore, the word “fat” isn’t an insult

For Whitney Way Thore, the star of “My Big Fat Fabulous Life”, the word “fat” is not an offense, but an adjective without preconceived judgment.

According to the site “The List”, Thore said to “Proud2BMe”:

“All of my therapy and recovery, and attempting to become a healthier person is trying to get away from the idea that fat women are inherently bad, and that the word ‘fat’ had to encompass negative adjectives, like ‘fat and lazy,’ ‘fat and ugly,’. I finally realized that I don’t believe that anymore. For me, to reclaim the word fat as an adjective is really powerful. I want to keep using this word, so it becomes more normalized. The thing is, we do not believe that fat women can be happy, and we can be.”

Remembering that Whitney already said that she struggled excessively to lose weight until she realized that she was just trying to “please others and not herself.”

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