Pawn Stars: “Meet and Greet” – a tour behind the scenes

We already know that Rick Harrison, Corey Harrison and Austin “Chumlee” Lee Russell are the stars of History Channel reality show “Pawn Stars”. But did you know that they make money with meet-and-greet?

“Meet-and-greet” is a package that permit you to take a picture next to your idol, usually before or after some show, presentation or even autograph session. And, knowing that everybody in “Deal Done” became a celebrity, the producers decided to make some more money from the use of the mentioned resource.

The “meet and greet” of the “Done Deal” is, basically, a four hours tour. You can visit Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, Rick’s Restoration Workshop, Toy Shack Toy Store and Acrylic Tank Manufacturing. Nowadays, the value of the tour is around € 63.01. Worth checking out?

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