My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Whitney Thore fan doubts the “truth” exhibited by TV shows on Tal’s birthday

Yesterday, July 14th, it was the birthday of Tal Fish, one of Whitney Way Thore’s best friends, star of “A Woman of Weight.” The star honored his friend by posting two photos on the Instagram, an old one, when they were both much younger, and one present, in black and white.

The caption of the photos was as follows:

“Y’all go wish @rtalfish a happy 33rd birthday! We’ve been friends for the last NINETEEN years and I can’t wait for the next… well, forever! (Swipe for a throwback 😂) Tal, you are so supportive, so talented, so loving, and I’m so grateful for you! You’re never getting rid of me.”

Most followers really wished Tal a happy birthday, but one represented the fear that viewers have that the things shown on TV are not so true:

“Of course there’s always a grain of salt taken with what you see on tv even if it’s a ‘reality’ show. Regardless, Tal’s kind soul and heart is clearly sincere. Happy birthday Tal, the world needs more people like you in it!!”

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