90 Day Fiance: Loren Brovarnik also wants a show of her own

Loren Brovarnik, “90 Days Fiance” star, is usually very kind with her followers in social networks. The proof of this is that, a few days ago, a follower left the following comment on a photo of her and her husband, Alexei:

“I understand u get a lot of messages but it would be nice if u responded to some that say nice things about u.”

Loren not only did not get angry, but gave a show of humility in her response.

“I do. And they put such a smile on my face. That’s something I agree, I need to work harder on.

To another follower, who suggested that she and Andrei should have a show of their own, Loren responded by marking TLC channel profile:

“Such a great question. @tlc ?? Lol.”

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