Little People Big World: “It’s a lot easier to smile now!” – Matt Roloff hints that he is happier after divorce

As we have already mentioned, the divorce between Amy and Matt Roloff, stars of “The Little Big Family”, has been giving a lot of subject to the tabloids (like ours, hehe). Amy, in the book about her life, recounts that Matt had been getting acquainted with Caryn Chandler, his current girlfriend, even before the breakup.

This week, on Instagram, Matt posted a photo with Caryn telling that the couple had dined with his family, grandchildren and children, and that they were going to Portland. As the patriarch looked very happy, one of the fans commented, “I have been watching your show for years and honestly, I never saw you smile. Good to see your smiling now and happy. I think Karen might have something to do with that!” And Matt’s response was straightforward: “I’ve always smiled. But it’s a lot easier now!!”

Apparently, if Matt smiles a lot more now, it’s because he hardly smiled before, right?

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