I Am Jazz: Ahmir Steward reveals depression after the end of the season

Ahmir Steward, the boyfriend of Jazz Jennings during the fifth season of the reality show “I Am Jazz”, revealed his battle against depression days after the end of the season.

At the end of March, shortly after season 5 was closed, he posted on Instagram a black and white photo with the following caption:

“And just like that, anxiety hits. Depression kicks in… After such an amazing day and feeling so bold…“I am open with you so that you can take my story, see my struggles, and learn from them.”

When the revelation was made, it was speculated that the reason for the depression would be the end of the relationship with Jazz, who had just told the boyfriend that he did not want to have a serious engagement; however, the fact was not confirmed. Remembering that Jennings, in his thanks to the end of the season, did not mention her boyfriend.