90 Day Fiance: Paola publish photo breastfeeding and haters revolt – “If she needs attention, ask her husband!”

That Russ and Paola Mayfield, “90 Day Fiance” stars, are together, happy and have a beautiful little boy named Axel, we already know. What happens is that Paola, like everyone else, is also a victim of haters, and this is what happened this week.

The Colombian published a photo in which she pauses her physical exercises to breastfeed Axel and wrote the following text: “when the priority calls”. Some followers criticized his position, like the one that made the following comment:

“This isn’t necessary. The whole world has now seen her tits for Gods sake. She needs to go to her husband for attention if its needed this badly. There is NO reason she needs a pic like this. “

This follower, in particular, continued to argue with most of the other fans, who stood for the star. Another follower was even more blunt:

“What the fuck, girl? This is not at all attractive. We do not need to see that.”

But other fans came to help Pao, and one of them said:

“Good thing she wasn’t trying to be attractive. she was feeding her child. Get over it.”

Another fan, more debauched, let out:

“Sorry that feeding a child isn’t attractive to you, hopefully you don’t have any of your own cause this is the gd norm.”

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