Little Women Atlanta: Contract Break Alert – Emily Fernandez says 98% of the show is fake

Emily Fernandez has returned to “Little Women Atlanta” this season, but not without bringing her explosive spirit. Apparently, the star is not very happy with the editing of the episodes, even contesting the veracity of what is shown. About two months ago, the star responded to two followers on the Instagram hinting that the reality is very different from the one that goes to appear on TV:

“Cause Bri and I are the best friends and the s*** you all see on TV is 98% fake just like the s*** about the tour and my ego in this season.”

“That’s no how the scene went in real life. They edited it and cut everyone else screaming out. I was literally calm and I refused to argue. But Lifetime chose to make it appear like I’m just a cunt.”

But Emily’s stance did not please the producers of the series and they sent her an email ordering the star to erase her claims about the reality show being bogus:

“Emily, you are currently in breach of contract – please remove all of your social media posts claiming the show is fake and disparaging production immediately. Let me know if you have any questions.”

But the shot backfired: Emily not only left the comments on her page, but also posted the message content on Instagram.

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