90 Day Fiance: Haters attack Danielle Jbali on Instagram – “Why are you so immature?”

Apparently, fans of the reality show “90 Day Fiance” do not forgive Danielle Jbali for her involvement with her ex-husband. A few days ago a follower commented:

“I’ve been watching the show and I’m almost done with it. Don’t you think the whole time you were immature? What he did was fuc*** up, but you are a mother. You were acting like a 14 year old. I was shocked to hear you were crying on the floor in front of your teenagers because you wanted sex or otherwise you’d deport the man. That’s some 14 year old Hitler shit. I was cringing the whole time that you were on.”

Danielle did not shut up, but defended herself:

“Do you really think I did that? He lied because he had nothing else to use or say.”

On the same topic, another follower came to Danielle’s defense:

“That’s years old. Move on. She has. “

Another follower also revolted with the hater:

“The critical comments on here are over the top. @daniellejbali just keep doing you and don’t respond to the haters.”

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