Little Women LA: Jasmine Arteaga renews wedding vows

Jasmine Arteaga (34) has renewed her wedding vows with Chris Sorge (33) in the latest episode of “Little Women LA”.

“Jasmine, I promise to be the husband I vowed to be seven years ago”, Chris said at the time of his vows. “(Promise)  To continue to love you every day. I will take the love you give me, the hope, the joy, the values you have to make me a better man, father and husband.”

In her vows, Jasmine’s words were:

“As we stand here today in front of our children, family and friends, I want to re-commit myself to you, my best friend. I love you more today because of what we’ve been through. Thank you for being an amazing, Godly father and husband, and because of that, I want to promise to be an amazing, Godly wife to you.”

The informal ceremony was held by costar Terra Jolé (39).

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