“Little People, Big World”: Amy Roloff – episode edition is fake!

Amy Roloff (54) insinuated on Instagram that the producers of the reality show “Little People, Big World” edit the episodes and invent things that did not happen.

Amy referred to one of the episodes of Season 18, in which she and Chris (55) travel to Washington and, after an argument, the boyfriend leaves her alone.

In the episode, Amy tells the cameras:

“I’m definitely enjoying the trip, but we did get into an argument. When we were having dinner, he just left, and he was gone for a long time, and I was left by myself. I had no idea where he was, what we was doing… Ugh, I was so mad at him.”

But according to Amy’s response to one of the fans, the story did not go well. In a photo posted by Amy, where the star is next to her boyfriend, a fan asked, “Did he leave you alone in a restaurant again?” And she suddenly replied “No, and it’s amazing what editing can make a story into.”

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