Sister Wives: Did you leave Kody? – Fans ask about mysterious man with Meri Brown

Meri Brown, one of the stars of the reality show “Sister Wives”, posted a photo with a mysterious man two days ago and the following sentence: “And then you meet someone who was right in front of you all along…”.

That was enough for the fans to speculate if the guy in the photo would be their new boyfriend. Followers posted phrases like “Don’t put pictures up like this if you don’t want people to ask if he’s your boyfriend it’s really boring” and “Please tell me [you’re] leaving Kody!!!!”.

There are two facts that make us doubt that Meri and the guy are dating. The first would be that one of the hashtags in the publication was #FriendsWhoBecomeFamily, that is, it implies that there is only one friendship there. The second is that, in the photo of his profile, the mysterious man is next to a woman – who does not seem to be Meri. However, it can not be said that yes or no, because the star did not answer any of the fans’ questions.

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