Little Women LA: Updates on Christy McGinity and her boyfriend Gonzalo Carazo

As we posted earlier, Christy McGinity (ex Gibel), star of “Little Women LA,” broke up with Todd Gibel and recently asked for the annulment of their marriage. Today, the star maintains a relationship with another small person, a Costa Rican boy named Gonzalo Carazo.

As the couple is very active in social networks, Christy has been seen in many events accompanied by her new boyfriend and apparently their lives have been very busy.

According to posted photos on Instagram in late June, Christy and Gonzalo (aka Gonzo) went to a small people conference in San Francisco, California, with two friends. About a week ago, the couple was photographed on the red carpet of the “World MMA Awards”, a kind of MMA Oscar worldwide. The two also seem to have gone to the “Michael Jackson One” show, a Cirque du Soleil production in Las Vegas.

Many followers on Instagram have supported their relationship, stating that the star is “happier now.”

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