Geordie Shore: Discovered the reason why Sam Gowland was kicked out of Geordie Shore!

A source revealed to The Sun why Sam Gowland was suspended from the reality show “Geordie Shore”: Chloe would have kissed another guy during the filming of the series in Portugal.

The insider said: 

“He got suspended again because it came out that Chloe snogged a random man during filming in Portugal. She insisted that she had split from Sam at the time and was single. Essentially, Chloe told everyone in the house that she hadn’t been with Sam since it came out that he had bedded that reality star. The kiss happened when Sam had been suspended from the house the first time around and she was being egged on by the rest of the cast. Chloe wasn’t bothered about it but then she got back with Sam and before she could talk to him someone told him. He was furious but she insisted she’d done nothing wrong because they weren’t together and he eventually forgave her. Everyone thought it had blown over but when he went back into the house it was mentioned and he hit the roof. Obviously the producers want fireworks but this was way too far – hence why Sam was slapped with another suspension.”