Chloe Ferry leaves Geordie Shore to stay with Sam Gowland

According to The Sun, Chloe Ferry has left the house where the episodes of Geordie Shore are filmed after her boyfriend, Sam Gowland, was suspended of the show by crossing the limits.

Because of their quarrels, the couple has caused a lot of confusion over the last few months, which has made Sam leave the show for some time and return last month.

Sources told The Sun Online that Chloe (23) accompanied Sam (23) when the boy was suspended for the second time.

The sources said that after entering the house, Sam became aggressive with the other participants:

“He had to be removed again after behaving threateningly. (…) But now the biggest headache of the show is that Chloe was disgusted with Sam’s suspension and said she would leave as well. (…) It is a mess.”

But Chloe does not seem to be in a hurry to return to Geordie Shore as she has appeared alongside Sam at events, as happened yesterday.

Source: The Sun Online

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