Outdaughtered: Danielle Busby fans defend her on Instagram

Some “Outdaughtered” fans have been complaining about Danielle’s rigidity in raising her five-year-old daughters. Some have even compared her to Kate Gosselin in relation to her negativity.

The criticisms are many and involve, even, the finances of the couple.

“Danielle is picky and does not care that her husband is the only one providing the house,” commented one of show followers. Another one accused the star of complaining a lot: “Danielle complains about everything and things have to be her way.”

However, there are also those who defend the mother of six:

“They are educating 6 children and they are all girls. I would like to see you (critics) trying to raise 6 daughters”, one follower replied. Another one also offered support: “I’m with Danielle!”

Source: Cheat Sheet

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