Little People Big World: Matt’s Mom Apologizes For ‘offending’ Tori Roloff

According to Radar Online, “Little People Big World” star Tori Roloff was offended by a comment from her husband’s grandmother, Peggy.

Recently, Tori shared a text on Instagram talking about the difficulties related to her weight in the second pregnancy. “Listening to people asking if I’m sure they’re not twins does not help at all,” Tori said in an excerpt from the text.

Shortly afterwards, Peggy, Matt’s mother and Zach’s grandmother, left the following comment on the post: “You’re beautiful and a lovely baby factory. Sorry if I offended you. “

The interaction suggests that Peggy would be the author of the commentary related to Tori’s body size.

Caryn Chandler, Matt’s girlfriend, also commented on the posting, offering support to Tori:

“Ugh….the body image insecurity train. I ride it often myself….Love U gurl-you glow inside, out and always. “

Matt’s parents, Peggy and Ron, rarely appear on the show.

(Source: Radar Online)

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